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(Photo 1)

1984 - Rear Row Standing From Left - #1 Don Stevens #2: Mike Kelly, #3: Bob Ottone, #4: Jose Ubiles,
#5: Erik Brown, #6: Craig Futterman, #7: Steve Visco, #9: Dawn DeVaul, #11 In ROTC Uniform: Angel Tollins 
Middle Row Standing: Corinn Kent, 5th from left: David Flum
Sitting: Miriam & Michael Robinson, Kelly Yenkowski, Center: Cristina Vaccaro

(Photo 2)

1983 - Back Row Standing From Left: Dawn DeVaul, Oscar ?, Steve Visco, Left Of Bob Ottone Is
Christine ?, And To His Right Is Helen ?.  Directly In Front Of Bob Is Kelly McQuillian, And 
Directly In Front Of Kelly Is Dennis Basetta (?).  Jose Ubilies Is To The Far Right.  Middle Row
To The Left Of Dennis Is Dominic (?).  Front Row Far Left: Erik Brown, Michael Robinson,
Middle Student: Ed Marconi , 3rd From The Right Is Doug Rossenau. 

(Photo 3)

1978 - Back row left to right:
Boy #1: Phil Jagielo - Girl #4: possibly Vallerie Cahill Barker - Boy #5: John Burris (with arms around girls)
Rest Unknown

(Photo 4 )

Photo is from the summer of 1977 of students who took the class and went to NYC to the
FCC office on Houston Street to take the third class license and also broadcast endorsement
tests. Pictured are: Back row left to right: Bill the engineer, unknown, unknown, Bob Bencze,
Vic Vaccaro, unknown, unknown and Craig Thurber, Station Manager.
Front row left to right: Anne Minicozzi, Martha Longworth, Ellen Mouzon, Everett Reese,
Ross HS Vice-Principal and Advisor to WXBA (also jazz show host); Doreen Schlosser,
Elena Spinelli and Colleen MacDougal.

(Photo 5)

Above photo was also taken in the summer of 1977 - Photo of students.
Pictured are:
Back row left to right: Steve Rodemacker, Alvin Mohreen, Chris Vaccaro,
John Burris, Laurie Bredekamp Miller, Phil Jagielo, Martin Seliger, Peter Marquez.
Middle row left to right: Jill Scholnick Scheiber, Vallerie Cahill Barker, Sue Piring,
Susan Hoenings Betser, Kathleen Swanton and Linda Lepnis.
Front row left to right: Larry Aiken, Scott Fraser and Julio Martinez.

(Photo 6)

1975 / 1976 Year Book Photo's Of WXBA 88.5 FM  (now 88.1 FM)
Back Row Center: George Arthurs - Rest Unknown
Seated Front Left: Clare ?, Front Right: Unknown

(Photo 7)

1975 / 1976 Year Book Photo's Of WXBA 88.5 FM  (now 88.1 FM)
Standing left to right is Frank Ruisi, James Gallagher, John Dorsey and John Pomeroy
Front row left: Kevin Dorsey, front row far right: Joseph Lee
Seated in the center is the head of WXBA 88.5 FM Everett Reese

Above photos 6 & 7 were taken by 1976 year book staff photographer Donald Middleton.
("...the radio station was by my homeroom on this floor.")

(Special Thanks To Kelly Yenkowski, Erik Brown, Dawn DeVaul, Chris Schoepflin, Donald Middleton, Victor Viccaro,
Michael Schreiber, Ed Marconi, Gail Burris Schuck and nutrix2002 For Sending Information About Who's Who!)

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