Micro-Managing Program DirectorReal Men Of Radio Cut 1 - "The Micro-Managing Program Director" 

Internet Radio DJReal Men Of Radio Cut 2 - "Mr. Internet Radio DJ"

Engineer... With A VarianceReal Men Of Radio Cut 3 - "The Engineer... With A Variance!"

Renegade Pirate Radio BroadcasterReal Men Of Radio Cut 4  - "The Renegade Pirate Radio Broadcaster"

Pompous Ass Morning ManReal Men Of Radio Cut 5 - "The Pompous Ass Morning Man"

Disclaimer: The sole purpose for this page is for entertainment purposes only.  All parody material posted herein was created and produced by a couple of True Men Of Radio Broadcast Professionals who, for a lack better of words, woke up early one morning and had absolutely nothing better to do.  No monetary agreements have been made or exchanged for posting these parody cuts, nor do we (WackRadio) endorse this kind of blatant humoristic social activity.  Of course, we didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened!  So, exactly who's behind all this 'Real Men Of Radio' stuff... well, you'll simply have to e-mail us to find out!

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