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Ever since we moved from Long Island to the west coast of sunny (and hot) Florida, my wife and I have always enjoyed cruising to places like Nassau Bahamas.  We had cruised several times before, but for some reason I had a feeling this particular cruise was going to be special.  I had no idea what was going to happen or why, just that something interesting would occur during our mini vacation at sea.  Well, something interesting did happen.

During our first evening on board Royal Caribbean's Ship 'The Sovereign Of The Seas', we met Sue and John, a super nice couple from Altamonte Springs who shared the same dinner table on board ship with us.  After a few minutes of conversational small talk, it became apparent that Sue had not only grew up on Long Island, but also worked at some of the radio stations I did!  And, although there was almost a 10 year difference between the times we each were employed in radio, we were indeed acquainted with many people who are still associated with Long Island Radio today!  Talk about a small world after all.

At our second evening in the dining room, Sue asked if I recall ever reading a Newsday article written around the late 60's about the legendary Dan Ingram.  Unfortunately I hadn't, but was very interested in seeing the article.  About a week after returning home from our cruise, I received a letter from Sue and John.  Inside was the Dan Ingram article which I've posted below.  The article takes a close look at Dan Ingram as America's Favorite Disc Jockey, and some of his thoughts.

One very critical error to this article was recently brought to my attention, which deserves to be mentioned.  Contrary to what the article says, Dan Ingram was certainly not hired at WABC by Rick Sklar, as erroneously written by Newsday staff writer Bob Micklin.  Dan was actually hired by Hal Neal, the Vice President and General Manager of WABC, who is also the person to whom Dan delivered his specially edited demo tape.  Rick Sklar was not at WABC when Dan was hired in 1961.  It should also be noted that according to Dan's age in the article, this publication appears to have been written in 1966, or within the first 9 months of 1967.

A big thanks goes to Sue and John Martin in Altamont Springs, Florida.  Because of them, the article is posted here to share with everyone.  A very special thanks also goes to longtime network and New York news anchor Bob Gibson, who pointed out the big discrepancy in the story about Dan's career, reported by Newsday staff writer Bob Micklin.

As the song goes, 'with a little luck' Dan might someday stumble across this site, and perhaps give his thoughts about this article, which we can easily say was "lost and found at sea!"

If you grew up in New York during the late 60's and 70's and listened to Musicradio WABC 77, you'll appreciate the audio clip included at the bottom of this article.  It's a little over 18 megs, so please allow time for it to load.  It's pure Dan Ingram at his best.  Indeed, "A True New York City Broadcast Legend".

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Dan Ingram On 77 WABC - April 5th, 1971
(Real Audio)
Click Above To Hear Dan Ingram On Musicradio Channel 77 WABC New York!

Article courtesy of Sue and John Martin and Newsday staff writer Bob Micklin,
with special thanks to Bob Gibson for contributing additional information.

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