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Student-Radio Mission Statement:

Student-Radio's primary goal is to offer students a means of learning the many different facets of today's radio broadcast communications, while offering valuable educational programming back into our local communities.

We provide a solid foundation for schools to become pro-actively involved in the world of "Low Power FM" radio broadcasting, by offering a comprehensive hands-on educational experience to students, while providing important public service information to the local community.

Our hope is that every school district will recognize the need for quality oriented, non-violent educational programming, while realizing the powerful training tool a LPFM educational station provides to students.  We highly encourage all school faculty to show their support by participating on Student-Radio, the program where everyone wins!

Topics Related To Educational Broadcasting Include:

  • On-Air Radio Broadcast Announcing
  • Digital Audio Editing - Theory And Application
  • Introduction To Broadcast Management
  • Understanding FCC Rules And Regulations
  • Introduction To Radio Engineering - (The History Of Radio)
  • Computer Automation Systems
  • Broadcast News Journalism & History
  • Sports Play-By-Play
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Media Promotions And Advertising
  • Broadcast Theater Arts & Live Concerts
  • Emergency Broadcast Notifications
  • Public Service Announcements

More details about our topics:Student-Radio Training Information

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