A Farewell To "Speedy"

We are deeply saddened about the passing of our
close friend, and original co-founder of MuzicRadio.com...
Sean "Speedy" Vesely, who passed away on
Sunday February 10th, 2008.

Sean was a true inspiration to all of us, and
is greatly missed, but never forgotten.    

Sean is survived by his wife Pam, and his daughters:
Christine, Pammy and Connie.

Although the original AOL Sean Vesely Dedication Link
is no longer available, friends can leave messages of fond
memories, condolences and comfort to the Vesely family
by sending an e-mail to the WackRadio webmaster:
(Click On The Dove).

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It was the winter of 1996 when the dream of starting an Internet radio station came to be.  The idea itself was actually the brain child of  Dick Moore (better known as Dick O'Brien), a DJ who worked at "The Mighty 1290 WGLI" in Babylon, NY.  Dick started streaming music over the web using a program called Freetel, designed to turn a computer into an on-line telephone.  Dick experimented by sending music through Freetel, thus the Metro seed was planted and began to grow rapidly.

Dick O'Brien
(Original Founder Of Metro-Radio)

It wasn't long before Dick and his long time business partner Ed Thompson got serious and launched the original Metro-Radio Internet website.  Dick and Ed started with a 5-disc CD changer playing nothing but Beatles tunes connected to a server in New York City.  Soon, a small studio was constructed on the second floor of the Hollywood Motel in Babylon.  The studio began web-casting on weeknights in the early Spring of 1997.

The air staff consisted of Dick, Chip Ordway and Mike Erickson.  Chip and Mike were former air personalities at "Long Island's Oldies Station," 1440 WNYG.  In early March of 1997, DJ "Big Ed" Newlands jumped on board Metro, quickly followed by WHLI's Bill Houston.  

Mike left Metro in the mid summer of 1997.  Then, the staff consisted of Dick, Chip, Ed and Bill, which is how it almost remained until the very end.  Rick Hall (also formerly of WNYG and WGBB), started to stream an all request "Love Songs" show from the WACK Radio Studio at a remote location.  Gary "Speedo" Barnes (EXILE Radio), streamed a Live Alternative Rock show every Sunday evening from beautiful British Columbia.  One of the last DJ's to jump on board Metro's staff was Sean "Speedy" Vesley, featuring his "Crusin With Speedy" program.   Metro-Radio was regularly web casting Top 40 chart hits along with a heavy blend of Oldies.  During the day (when Metro was not live), listeners could click onto a library of hundreds of songs that were archived in Real Audio format.

Click above to hear Chip Ordway on Metro-Radio!
(Broadcast Date: Saturday November 22, 1997)

By the Winter of '97 and into '98, Metro-Radio's web site was registering hundreds of hits a day, with a steady stream of regulars logging into the (by-then) nightly live broadcasts.  With the anchor jocks of Chip and Ed, Metro-Radio was slowly turning into something BIG.  From the beginning, Metro-Radio welcomed on line requests via e-mail during live broadcasts.  Word quickly spread through many radio message boards and music newsgroups.  Listeners started becoming involved with Metro, which helped make it a lot of fun.  By mid April,  Metro-Radio's homepage was registering almost 1,000 hits a day.

Although Metro-Radio was considered one of the first internet only radio stations to hit the web, it also became one of the first to go dark.  The loss of the Hollywood's office space played a big factor, but even bigger problems ensued.  Within a few months, ASCAP, BMI and the RIAA all came knocking on Metro's door for money.  At the time, there were no precedents as to what fees should be collected by these companies, they just made up their own numbers.  ASCAP was paid first, then BMI, but when the RIAA came a-knocking, it was time to throw in the towel.  Metro-Radio called it quits and stopped web-casting in May of 1998.


It wasn't until March 2004 that Metro-Radio regrouped and re-established itself on the internet as MetroHitRadio.com.  Maintianed and operated by Dick's son Daniel, MetroHitRadio has conducted several successful test broadcasts and holds future plans to continue the original Metro-Radio tradition!

And the whole gang said: Let there be 'MuZic'... and there was!

It was early June of 1998 when Sean Vesley and Ed Newlands decided to pick up the pieces of what  was once the old Metro-Radio and start a brand new station.  A meeting attended by several of the old members of Metro was held, and solid plans to start a new venture were set in place.

Sean 'Speedy' Vesley and Ed Newlands

The name and logo for Muzicradio were created by Mike Erickson.  The new and improved studio location was constructed in Sean's old auto shop (located next to his home).  The music format was Oldies with a smooth mix of today's top hits.  The CD music library was provided by Ed, who was also in charge of format and air staff schedules.  Sean and Ed shared the first Musicradio on-air spotlight and worked most shows together.  

Rick Hall came in as the third partner and Chief Audio Engineer, responsible for overseeing the equipment and technical side of  the new studio.  Rick provided the Auditronics console, audio reverb unit, processing chain, studio microphones, cart machines and most of the cart library, which is still in use today.

The last official member to join the ranks was David Morgan, who became Muzicradio's Technical Support Manager in charge of web design and computer audio automation.  Dave was instrumental in setting up the OTSJuke« audio program and getting most of the bugs out of the encoder system.  Everyone had something to offer, and with all the key elements in place, it was time to start serious web-casting!  MuzicRadio was officially ON THE WEB! 

Original director Of Engineering: Rick Hall  /  Computer Technical Manager: David Morgan

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